Good morning

SUCH a good night last night! The concert was AMAZING!! we obviously had THE best pit… Not too much shoving (minus when Mike came down) and not too brutal. I didn’t take many pictures, unlike at the Best Buy show. I wanted to be more connected with the music and as lame as that sounds there’s actually a HUGE difference.

Also I caught Robs drumstick and it was hilarious he looked at me (I was against the barricade) and he’s obviously like “thank you” and I was all NO!!! Thank YOU! hahaha :))

I grabbed Mike Shinoda oops lol well whatever it was funny because I think he was legit surprised at how pumped we were and I remember him taking the mic away from his mouth and saying “fuck yes” and just coming right in!

Ah god THANK FUCK I am seeing them again in San Diego

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